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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Weekly Wrap for the Week of Jul 14

US stocks had breakout upside and close new all time high this week. Bulls are in absolute charge.

Asia stocks also followed to close positive. HSI index had breakout and close new high, STI close new high, Shanghai on its 4th week consecutive up.

Banks and selective blue chips are leading the way up. For those who are member of SgTraderClub facebook group member, you may check out there to get stocks trading and investment ideas on daily basis. Weekly index performance are as follow.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekly Wrap for the Week of Jul 7

U.S stocks continue its sideway consolidation this week, no signs of immediate bearish reversal. DJI hit new intra-week high this week. Uptrend is well intact.

Meanwhile, STI continue its sideway consolidation as well. Immediate support level is 3200 and resistance at 3270, no signs of immediate bearish reversal.

HSI was the only index that sold off this week, lost 1.6% due to profit taking. Nevertheless, HSI has been the top gainer with 15.2% gain YTD.

China SSE index posted 3rd week gain consecutively immediate resistance is 3300 level. Weekly index performance as in below table.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Weekly Wrap for the week of 30 Jun, June Monthly Index Performance

US three major indexes close down this week, while Asian three close positive. US stocks risk profit taking in coming weeks but major uptrend still well intact.

Shanghai stocks poised for further rebound, next key resistance to watch is at 3300.

HSI index formed a doji star after 5-months consecutive up, indicated a pause or reversal on current uptrend.

STI immediate support is at 3200 level, possible sell down if 3200 violated. Upside resistance is at 3270 level.

 Monthly performance for June.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Weekly Wrap for the Week of 23 Jun, 2017

US stocks ended the week inched up bit, the DJI and SPX stayed almost flat but technology dominated Nasdaq(COMP) rebounded 1.8% after two weeks profit taking. The Technology stocks index look in great shape.

Over in Singapore, STI was the only index that closed in red this week, lost 0.7% to immediate key support level at 3200, could trigger further selloff if the support level 3200 violated.

Shanghai SSE index rebounded from its key support level 3100 this week, as MSCI announced on Wednesday that it will include 222 China domestic A Shares into its Emerging market index next year 2018. We need to see the index to above 3300 level for uptrending. On the other hand, HSI has been in two weeks consolidation previous strong upside move.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Weekly Wrap for the Week of Jun 16

US stocks had a mixed week, the DJI had 4-week up in a row, hit all time new high, SPX in 3-week consolidation range, the technology companies dominated Nasdaq($COMP) was down for 2nd week due to profit taking, tech stocks soared up quite a lot this year with 14.3% YTD return. In overall, US three major indices uptrend still in good shape.

Over in Asian markets, STI has been in its 6-week consolidation range, uptrending. HSI on the other hand, closed first week red after 5-week consecutive up. Strong uptrend but watch out for short term profit taking.

Shanghai stock index retreated this week, continue to watch key support level 3100 and immediate resistance 3165 level for upside move.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekly Wrap for the Week of Jun 9

US markets close mixed this week, DJI continue its 3rd week up in a row, but SPX and COMP closed down this week due to profit taking, though overall uptrending remain strong and firm for all three indices.

Asian markets outperformed US this week, with all major indices Shanghai(SSE), Hongkong(HSI) and Straits Times(STI) closed with gain between 1.7% to 0.4%, higher than US three major indices.

SSE rebounded from its key support level 3100 with 1.7% gain this week, let's see if it can play a catch up as it's the worst performer YTD return among all the six indices.

STI rebounded and hit 3-wk high, upward move resumed and expected to continue move higher in coming weeks. Immediate resistance to watch is its recent high of 3275, and immediate support at 3190.

HSI index has been top perform with 18.3% return YTD, in a bullish run up. The probability of profit taking increases now as it approaching its upper trend line as depicted in its weekly chart below.

Major indices weekly performance and weekly charts are shown in below:

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Weekly Wrap for the Week of 2 Jun, Monthly Wrap for May, 2017

US three major indexes all hit new all time high this week, bulls are in charge.

STI rebounded this week, resumed uptrending; the index uptrend is well intact. Immediate support is 3190 and resistance at 3265,

HSI has been outperformed all other indexes this year with most gain of 17.8% YTD, whereas China SSE has been the worst performer this year, it closed just above edge of 3100 key level this week, about the same level it close last year(YEC).

Weekly index performance and weekly charts as follows.