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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Index Weekly Wrap for the Week of Feb 16

Major indexes had a strong rebound after two weeks massive selloff. Most indexes recovered this year loss and back to positive territory YTD, except Shanghai index(SSE) still in the loss of 3.3%

 As seen from below weekly charts, major uptrend still intact, only SSE dropped below its major uptrend channel. The fear index VIX closed at 19.46, back to below 20, which indicate the implied volatility reduced more than half from its peak last week. Investors are not so panic anymore.

Continue watch YEC levels for respective indexes in coming week(s), em bulliah bias as long it can hold above YEC level.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Index Weekly Wrap for the Week of Feb 9

What happened in last week was remarkable, it's rare to see the loss over 1000 points or 5.2% in a week for DJI, or 3000 points in week for HSI. But even with that, the US markets major uptrends are still in good shape, see yourself in below weekly chart.

There are many speculation view out there, bullish, bearish, the start of another round of financial crisis etc, the fact is all are just guess there is no definite answer yet at this stage. The VIX surged up 68% at close and 190% intra-week spooked many and will continue in coming weeks. It's not settle so soon yet.

STI and HSI back down to their uptrend channel now, and SSE was the weakest and the worst performer- surprised me as the Chinese market historically did not in syn with the US.

Now all indexes gave up their gain this year so far, do closely watch whether the stocks can recover and stay above the YEC level in coming week(s). This is important indication.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Index Weekly Wrap for the Week of Feb 2

A sea of blood selling off across all stocks markets have not been in sometime, some investors may even have forgotten it ever happened. In US three major markets, DJI and SPX each spiked down 4.1% and 3.9% respectively, the Nasdaq which dominated by technology stocks dropped less, the FANG stocks i.e. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphatbet(formerly known as Google) are still holding well. All three indexes had first negative weekly close after four weeks positive consecutively.

STI dropped only 1% for the week, it may catch up to drop more in coming week, back into its major uptrend channel(below 3500) seen in below weekly chart. It had first weekly negative close after 5weeks up in a row,

HSI closed first week in red after seven weeks up in a row, expected some profit taking selling in coming week. And Shanghai index SSE closed first week down after six weeks up consecutively. Immediate support will be 3400 level.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Index Weekly Wrap for the Week of Jan 26

World stocks are continue charging higher and higher. For the first three weeks in the year 2018, HSI already recorded 10.8% gain or added more than 3000 points, this is phenomenal. Other major indexes in my table below recorded YTD return from 4.8% to 8.7%.

HSI has been the most outperformed index with 7 weeks up in a row. SSE got 6 weeks, STI got 5 weeks, US three major indexes got 4 weeks each. All indexes weekly candlesticks look very bullish, except STI formed a shooting star candlestick( need one more week to confirm the bearish reversal).

Do remember whatever goes up must come down, whatever goes up fast also come down fast. When market surging up so high, the winning stocks needed to be carefully selected.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Index Weekly Wrap for the Week of Jan 19

For the week ended Jan 19, all of the world major indexes in my table below continue positive-close for 3rd week. Bulls are very strong. All indexes hit new high. HSI and Shanghai are leading the way for the week.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Index Weekly Wrap for the Week of Jan 12

World stocks continue 2nd week of bull run, DJI added another 2% for the week, top gainer, and least gainer is STI, up by 0.9%. Check my focus list of indexes in below table for the weekly performance.

All indexes made new high except Shanghai index(SSE) as the only lagger is catching up now.

Indexes has had multiple weeks of continue run-up in a row: HSI up for 5 weeks, SSE 4 weeks, STI 3 weeks. STI is just about 5 points away to its 10 years highest close 3525 level hit on 17/4/2015.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Index Weekly Wrap for the Week of Jan 5

First week for new year 2018, all stocks registered stunning weekly return. Excellent start for the year. All indexes breakout new high except Shanghai index SSE which rebounded from its uptrend channel bottom( refer to weekly chart below). SSE set up for catch-up this year after testing major support, there are plenty of room to upside.

In the US, Nasdaq ($COMP) registered top return among my focus list of the indexes with 3.4% weekly gain, thanks to the strong performance of technology stocks. DJI chart shows the bulls are now in its 3rd uptrend primary phase--the excess phase(refer to my Dec 22 post HERE for more info). It has been the longest bull run for US stocks, watch out closely for any trend reversal.

Hang Seng index(HSI) continue it super bullish momentum after last year's awesome 36% return.

STI had breakout new high this year, spike out its upper trend channel marginally. Watch out for any pull back in coming week(s), it also may pull back for profit taking then rebound back up again, just like HSI chart which already trending outside its uptrend channel and continue trending up.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Index Weekly Wrap for the Week of Dec 29, 2017 Year-End Wrap

It's the last week for the year 2017, we are coming to the end of this year. Looking back, Hang Seng Index(HSI) is the most outperformed index with stunning 36% gain, and Shanghai Index(SSE) on the contrast, is the least performer with only 6.6% up.

Below are the ranking of the performance of the major indexes for year 2017, with their gains:
1. Hang Seng Index        +36%;
2. Nasdaq                        +28.2%;
3. Dow Jones Index        +25.1%;
4. S&P 500 Index    +19.4%;
5. Straits Times Index     +18.1%;
6. Shanghai Index           +6.6%

Some of the most outperformed stocks in HK are Geely Auto( 0175.HK), gained 260%, "King of the Stock" Tencent(0700.HK) up by 120%, even the long time value stock HSBC(0005.HK) also had 28.5% gain this year.

This year, two most popular sector are undoubtedly the Technology and Semiconductor sectors. The
Singapore listed 3 largest Semiconductor companies ranked by percentage gain for the year 2017:
 AEM(+485%), Micro-Mechanics(+144%), UMS(+109%);

And Singapore listed 3 largest Technology companies ranked by percentage gain for the year 2017:
Hi-P(+267%), Venture(107%), Valuetronic(92%).

Below table listed top four companies each for the technology and semicon sectors and their performance.
Data source: SGX StockFacts

Much have said in the market that technologies will continue dominate new year 2018 investment theme. And the Internet of Things(IoT) will getting hotter in the years to come, after this year's bitcoin surprising eye-catching development.