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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekly Wrap

US stocks rebounded on president Donald Trump's inauguration day. DJI ended its 5 days decline and gained nearly 100 points on Friday. US stocks uptrending well intact so far. All markets closed lost a little bit on this week, except Shanghai index(SSE) which closed 0.3% gain.

STI chart looks bullish, might be profit taking in coming week but bulls are obviously in charge.

Hang Seng (HSI) chart bullish bias as well. Please refer to below weekly charts for major indexes.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekly Wrap

In the US markets, SPX and DJI closed within their 5-week consolidation range, whereas the technology index COMP continue moving up, hit new high.

Local index STI had a great start in first 2 weeks of 2017, gained the most with 5% positive. HSI has had 4.3% in the same period as well, not too bad. Shanghai index continue stay flat in first 2 weeks, being the worst performer so far.

STI next major resistance area is 3050-3100 area. The index poised to move higher this year. Chart looks very promising.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weekly Wrap

First week of the year 2017, local index STI was one of the best performer with 2.8% weekly gain, the rest indexes also posted positive return with at least 1% up.

STI is trading at its multi-months major resistance level from 2960-2980 area. Plenty of room to upside if it can break above this level. Its chart looks very promising for bulls.

The US markets hit new high this week( all three major indexes), DJI registered high of 19999.631, just an inch below 20,000 level.

HSI and SSE both rebounded hit their 3-week high respectively. Both charts look poised for further rebound.

Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Year End Wrap

Weekly, monthly and indexes performance for the year 2016 as in below tables. For the year, Dow Jones Index(DJI) gained the most for 13.4%, and Shanghai index(SSE) was the worst performer with 12.3% loss. 

From the first table, we also can see the US three markets are outperform the three in Asian, indicating investors were looking good on the US economy and thus prefer putting money there for higher return. 


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Weekly Wrap

Dear readers, Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and loved ones.

We are left with one more week to end this year 2016. It's noted that STI dipped below its YEC level 2882 this week, and HSI also went underwater its YEC level 21914. Made both of the indexes negative return YTD. Whereas SSE posted -12.1% YTD return,--the worst performer still.

US stocks on the other hands all returned positive, the three major indexes gained 9%-14% YTD. We can see clearly that US stocks broadly outperformed Asian markets, funds are flowing into the U.S. It should be the same as for other emerging markets as well.

Major indexes weekly performance as in below table.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Weekly Wrap

World stock market reacted negatively after Fed's interest rate hike announcement this week( except Japan Nikkei which went up higher).

STI unable to break resistance(also year-high) 2964, closed down after five consecutive week up. Key support is at 2882 if it continue retrace, and 2964 remain as key resistance level(triple top).

HSI had a big sell-off black weekly candle, lost 3.3% to just above its YEC.Key support is 21914 YEC level.

Weekly major indexes performance as in below table.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Weekly Wrap

US market hit fresh new all time high this week. DJI had 5 consecutive weeks up in a row.

STI hit new year-high this year,it's at key resistance level 2964, the index also had five consecutive weeks green. Next major resistance is 3050 if it continue goes up in coming week.

HSI still in its two-week channel bottom consolidation, up channel still intact.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Weekly Wrap/Monthly Performance

In U.S, DJI closed new all time high this week but SPX and COMP both closed retraced down in profit taking. SPX and COMP lost 1% and 2.7% respectively whereas DJI gained 0.1%.

STI gained the most with 2.1% up, in catch-up other markets this week. It crossed 2882YEC level this week make YTD return positive again. Immediate resistance level is 2950 for upside move.

HSI still in retracement mode in uptrend channel, Shenzhen-Hongkong Stock Connect will kick start coming Monday. The SSE is in rebounding mode, profit taking for this week but overall still bullish.

 Major indexes monthly performance for Nov were positive except HSI in retracement mode.