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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back In Action

Hi all, so happy I'm back. What make me nervous was this: I can't surf internet in the night for the past five days in my overseas residence,which is not i was told, and I'm holding few US call positions which really put me in danger, my hard-earned profit will be washed out if market against me. Luckily it's up. Thanks God!

I managed to short Citydev in the afternoon today, it looks just cracked down, the next target is 8.35. Market looks to me is on bearish side. Especially the financials. But on the otherhand, it's quite near to major support levels, again, some big correction is possible but not cracking Mar's Low yet--and this is why I'm relatively lightly positioned right now.

Have to prepare for US market now. I'll be back soon. See ya.

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