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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Weak Internal

Though Dow is only negative 30 and SPX negative 7.8 point, the market seems much weaker than that... I have closed my puts on DEll, MOS and LLL with 27.6%, 66.6% and 13.2% gain in just two days. I shouldn't ask for more...but I'm still a little bit regret(yup, still a little bit left) exit too early if look at the price for MOS now dropped $1+ more, Jesus! well... I'm still holding my USG with paper profit 45.7%. I have to remind myself do not go back to market too soon...many times I gave back what I had just bcos of the impulse decision.

If I can follow my rules strictly, I'll be a much richer trader till now. After review my past losing trades... I was asking myself how can I did such silly trades?

Well, i better spend some time check for Singapore market for you guys. coming back soon...

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