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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Contrarian

Dear All, sorry for the rather inactive posting these days, as I'm spend more time on CNX forum instead during these time period given my tight time schedule. Anyway thanks for your visit despite my inactive postings.

No doubt I'll continue post here, it's my own home here, it's just a different feeling and I can say whatever I want after crowd outside day... Just a little bit of update myself, I'm current experience kinda of mental transforming, err...means to say the shifting of focus from T.A to more towards the psychology of myself, doesn't mean I'm doing those spiritual or religious things, but be more aware of my own fear and greed toward every trade I have done. Now I understand better the saying " In trading, your only enemy is yourself".

As a test and experiment of myself, last friday I entered total 8 put positions( vertical put spread with downward bias while control my loss if I'm wrong), of course I did follow the money management but still the risk is quite high if I was wrong. The reason I entered these trade is because all the positions are having their resistance overhead purely from T.A point of view. The positions are: DO, EAT, FLR, GS, MAN, POT, RIMM, WYNN -- all vertical put spread. The result is good or i'm merely lucky? I already exit all the positions with stunning profit just now. Many times, I'm not discipline enough to take profit and in the end it was given back.

okie...that's it for now. I'll do a separate market analysis in next post... soon.

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