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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FOMC Meeting

Wednesday is going to be a typically FOMC meeting day-- the 5th of 8 schedule meeting this year, next one is on Sep 22nd. And the remaining meeting of the year are as below:

September 22 (Tuesday)

November 3-4 (Tuesday-Wednesday)

December 15 (Tuesday)

You may mark your the dates on your calendar. Anyway tonight Federal Reverse Committee will announce the rate tonight 2.15am(SG time). As I say every time one of these comes around, get ready for the zig-zag or roller-coasting on your real time streaming chart. As it may go either direction, I just simply closed most my short term positions and just leave few hedged position open(they are non- directional), as for my options. I made stunning profit on citi(C). cool.

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