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Friday, March 19, 2010

Market Update

US Dow Jones continue grinding higher. With SPX stayed flat. The over night major indices numbers:

Dow: 10779 +46
SPX: 1165.83 -0.38
Nas: 2391 +2

SPX continue trading within its uptrend channel. I'm watching for any retracement if it drop out of it.


I'm continuing stay out of US market for the moment. Last night I was very tempted to call SPY, but I told myself don't chase the market. After long time trading jouney, my ability to control myself getting better and better.

As for Singapore stock, today I will be look for chance cash off my short term positions. My account doing pretty good over past two weeks. great, keep it on dude. At the same time, it looks some stocks still have room to move up. Will post in coming post...

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