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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekend/Monthly/Quarterly/Half Year Wrap

Hello everyone. Hope you have had a nice weekend. As my fixed schedul for every Sunday morning, I go for hiking with my Hiking Kakis Group. I have been doing this for more than two years, it already became part of my life. After a sweating hike( usually two hours), I just feel my whole body is emptied and purified, and I especially enjoyed the breakfast time with fellow hiking kakis after that. We gather at a big round table sitting for 10pax, at a not crowded hwaker centre corner, with slightly cool morning breeze, enjoy our breakfast and drinks together. We chit chat lively all topics including food, fun place, news head lines, and we just decided in the morning to have a getaway in Oct. Great.

Let's talk about market, Mr. market has had a marvellous rally towards the end of the month, also the quarter, on good news from the ECB plus perhaps the end of quarter window dressing. This is annoying because it out of everyone's surprise, maybe for no reason. But it rallied. The only question we should ask ourselves is did we catch it? why we didn't, not to questioning why it rallied. I did catch few nice trades as I posted 'em.

I'm offering you below performance stats for world major indices over past week and month. Shanghai is the only market had negative performace.
 STI: approaching its middle wave level at 2905( 50% fib).

STI Monthly: In longer time frame, STI uptrend channel holding well. It rebounding from its bottom channel this month.
 DJI: weekly shows it closed above its 50% fib and just above its 61.8% fib level. bullish.
 DJI: long time uptrend channel well intact.
SPX: Weekly chart shows it just at 61.8% fib level. well above its middle wave level. Upside bias.
 SPX: monthly chart shows long time trend well intact as well.
HSI: bottom outfrom its major support
HSI: long time chart shows its uptrend channel is well intact.

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