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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekly Wrap, Monthly Wrap

The month of Sep has ended. In last month,  the indices hit new multi-year high, amid of  endless Europe debt crisis, US worrisome economy and slowdown of China Economy. Yes, it's new multi-year high since Dec 2007. Just to take note Dow Jones Industry Average Index(DJI) closed this month at 13437, its all time high is 14198( Oct 2007), it another 761 points away.

DJI monthly chart below:

SPX closed at 1440.67, hit new high since Dec 2007 as well. Its all time high is 1576.

Nasdaq( NDX) closed at 3116.23, hit new multi-year high since Nov 2000. Its all time high is farther away at 5132.52.

STI had a bullish month in Sep, closed at 3060.34, next target is 3190( 2010 close).

I have major indices performance for the week and the month below:

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