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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Major Indexes Monthly Performance

I have compiled major indexes for this week and the month of Oct below.

# STI on weekly basis, it continues its sideway trading, trapped in the three week-range from 3017-3066. On monthly basis, it still within the four-month range from 3000- 3088( high 3011). Sideway trading. This kind of market a bit tricky and sideway trading strategy such as buy support sell resistance should work.

# US market weekly inside bar, DJI/ SPX sideway trading untill it broke up or down, to give us a clear direction. On monthly basis, DJI in the three-month sideway range from 12980-13650. SPX monthly sideway as well. Nasdaq four consecutive weeks retracement down. But uptrend is still intact.

#HSI outperformed all the market with 3.8% up in Oct, the "hot money" continue flowing in to Hong kong as reported in the newspaper. This week it up for another 2.6%.

# SSE shanghai Oct not moved much but this week it started to catch up HSI, had 2.5% gain. As one of the worst market worldwide, SSE may come to the point of bottom out.

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