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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The "Lottery" Plays

Below are the list for "lottery" stocks, which are typically below 50c, high risk, high volatile. You may join my facebook group "Trader Kakis Group" for real time updates(for member and by invitation only). Stocks with their close price.

Ausinno 0.143
Interra .405
Blumont 0.255
... Freightlinks .07
Gaylin .41
GSH .094
Gallant .29
IPC .146
UPP .39
Z-obee .122
AddvalTEch .08
GMG .135
UtdEnvirotech .48
Healthway .092
Informatics .143
JES .148
K1 Venture .139
PSL .255
TT int .174
ChinaTaisan .048

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