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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekly Wrap

In the week ended Feb 8, The Shanghai Index continue to be the most outperform index out of my six world major indexes monitored, with 0.6% gain, while both HSI and STI posted a losing week. Below table is the weekly major index performance:
Below summary of the first week 2013 is from SGX "My Gateway Updates", which I found it's worth reading, qiote from "My Gateway Updates":

11 February 2013

Most Active stocks into the Lunar New Year
 Ahead of the Lunar New Year, the most active 30 stocks by turnover have been diversified across 18 different industries.
 These 30 most active stocks have included 10 non-STI constituents which represent 10 different industries.
 Among the 30 most active stocks by turnover since the end of 2012, there have been 21 stocks that have generated price gains, with 9 stocks have declining in price.
In the calendar year thus far, the Straits Times Index (STI) has gained 3.0%. The broader market as represented by the FTSE ST All Share Index has gained 3.6%.
Trading activity during the period has been diversified. While the STI is made up of 30 stocks, only 19 of the STI stocks have been within the group of the 30 most active stocks by turnover. These 30 most active stocks in the year thus far have included 10 non-STI constituents.
Of the 30 most active stocks by turnover, a total of 18 industries were represented. Diversifying stock holdings over different industries and stocks is commonplace for investors who wish to spread risk and return. In the year thus far, 21 of the most active stocks by turnover have generated price gains, while 9 stocks have declined. Of the nine stocks that declined, seven were STI stocks and two were non-STI stocks.
  As this week we have only three trading days in this CNY festive season, market is expected to be quiet. STI weekly formed a bearish engulfing pattern, after it hit new multi year high since Jan 2008. Retracement is also possible.

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