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Thursday, April 11, 2013

China Minzhong and Sinograndness...Which One?

It's interesting to compare the two S-chips which in the same sector now:

China Minzhong and Sinograndness

As for today Apr 11, Chinaminzhong closed at 1.13 and Sinograndness closed at 1.19.
Sinograndness price seen surge by 21.4%  over last three days, and China Minzhong only added 7% in the same period. From fundamental perspective, China minzhong obviously much more attractive now if Sinograndness price was "rational":

Minzhong P/E 4.2 vs. Sinograndness 5.5;
Minzhong EPS 1.34 vs. Sinogranness 1.09;
Minzhong P/B 0.8 vs. Sinograndness 1.9.

But from Technical Anlaysis perspective, Sinograndness chart is obviously "nicer"  than minzhong. Let see if minzhong can catch up or Sinograndness back to "norm"?

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