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Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Indicator

Message From FB:

Jul 19 Fri, stockwatch

Market was up on the positive expectation from bernanke. US added 78points last night.

Quick review for yesterday. HSI still trapped in its 6 day sideway consolidation session, SSE dipped below 4 day low, closed@ 2023, back to 2000 support level again. Nothing spectacular for STI as well. it trapped within Thursday range and formed a small doji candle.

As today is Friday, there are two level need to pay attention: 1) 3240.5 which is the week open, it will decide whether the weekly candle is green or red. 2)3236 which is last week close, it will decide this week up or down.

Stock to focus today:
Tat hong: likely bottoming out after 6 wks fall from 1.5 to current 1.2
SIA Engg

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