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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hong Kong Banks and Gaming Stocks

I see value in Chinese banks as Shanghai index dropped to its new low since 2009, and Hang Seng dropped to its near 20000 level. Chinese banks dropped quite a lot due to recent cash squeeze. Good time to buy if SSE below 2000.

Below are some major banks H share and gaming stocks in HK market.


Stock Future Tips said...

Going through the above charts helps me to trade and invest in HSBC and Galaxy Ent, as this are moving up.

Vini Garg said...

I invest in forex by using some forex tips as stocks are giving you lesser profit in comparison to forex.

archie mishra said... with its research team also do research in singapore and hong-kong market for providing trading tips.

michale wong said...

Going through your blog lets me do KLSE stock analysis little bit easier.