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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

STI Selling Off to 3000 level

STI down 34.6 point at 2999.42 now(10.44am)

1. STI already broke new yearly low yesterday and stocks selling off fast.
2. US mkt lost 170pts last night, 4th week in selling off;
3. the sell-off is nothing but on
1) Worry the Fed will cut stimulus plan in Sep, which means Economy is improving
2) US may start war against Syria 

 In conclusion, I think the sell off is an opportunity to buy those "valued" stocks.

STI level to watch today: 3008-2930

Stocks at major support level:
OCBC @9.85
Singtel @3.45
GLP @2.65
Kepland @3.3

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