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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekly Wrap

For the week, US 3 major indexes are better than Asian 3 major indexes.

DOW(DJI) closed 146points or 0.9% up at 15761.78, was in its 5th week green in a row, hit new all time high.

SPX gained 8.97 points or 0.5% for the week to close at 1770.6, less than a point to its historical high previous week. Nasdaq lost 0.1%.

Asian major indexes HSI, SSE and STI are in doldrums for weeks. Bulls are just have no strength to follow US market at all. HSI lost the most last week for 505.4 points or 2.2% to close at 22744.39 last week.

STI lost 23.95 points or 0.7% to close at 3177.25 for the week. Broken immediate support between YEC 3190 and 3167. STI hit 3-week low and the candlestick is bearish to downside, with next support at 3150.

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