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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today's a Turning Point...

Message from SgTraderClub FB:

Overnight US market lost a little. DJI-27, SPX-2, COMP-5. Bulls seem losing steam but uptrend is still well intact. Bears are fighting but market is still dominating by bulls.
Yesterday, HSI-71, SSE -42, China market had nose-diving for past two days.
STI lost marginally 2.22pts at 3103.62. STI hit high of 3121.29 yesterday and was selling off, formed a bearish candlestick, the resistance zone is 3120-3150. Looks distribution rather than accumulation. MACD histogram 4G1R appeared---at least 4 green bars before a red bar. But i don't rule out the chance that it may climb up a bit to test the trendline. trade with care.

  • STI was selling off decisively after opened today. it's down 16points @3087 now. tighten up ur belt!

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