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Friday, September 19, 2014

HK Stocks Weekly Wrap

1. China LNG 0931.HK (中國天然氣集團有限公司), what a nice run up. Nice chart but run up quite a lot, looks still got upside potential. Aggressive trade.

2. China Oilfield 2883.HK
It did gap up on 27 Aug then was fading off to close the gap thereafter. The gap has been almost close by today. target is at 24.27 if upside run resumed. Big blue chips, may be considered for conservative player too.

3. China TaiPing 0966.HK
A insurance company, with sound fundamentals. Formed triple bottom nicely, retraced back to its resistance turn support at 17-18. Target 24 once upside run resumed. Blue chip, may be considered for conservative player too.

4. HuanDian FuXin 0816.HK please refer to my previous post.

5. Value Partners 0806.HK 
An asset management company. Nice chart, for conservative player.
6. Wisdom Group 1661.HK

Formed a nice double bottom formation. had breakout 4.5 resistance, run up and pull back over past week to test tthe resistance-turn-support level. Further upside is expected if upward run resumed.

7. Wynn Macau 1128.HK
One of the major Casino player in Macau. Sold off badly recently. It's time to pick up and rebound.

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