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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekly/Monthly Wrap

For the week, Shanghai Stock Index (SSE) had its biggest advance in four years. It gained 7.88% or 196points weekly, its seven consecutive monthly gain as well.

 It's a remarkable rally for China stocks on Friday 28 Nov 2014, the A shares trading in Shanghai stock exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange had a combined trading value for 710.5 billion RMB or 115.9 billion USD in a single day, China surpassed USA 99.5 billion USD record on 26 Jul 2007. Become the single best trading day in human life.

Hongkong tracks China with 2.3% gain in the week.

Oil price drop has sent transportation stocks new highs as a low oil price means lower cost for them. Stocks such as SIA hit new high.

 Massive funds seen flow into the SSE with super high volume. SSE is in its 7th consecutive monthly gain.

Monthly index performance as follow. For the month of Nov, SSE gained the most with 10.9% on the top of the list. HSI is the only red index lost 10 points.

Other indexes gained from 3.5% to 2.3%. SSE is on its 7th consecutive month gain.

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