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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Weekly/Year End Wrap

Dear readers of this blog, Happy New Year! Wish you and loved ones a health and wealth new year 2016.

Indices performance in last week of 2015 as in below table.

Guess which one is the best also the worst index in below table? STI and SSE.

STI gained 0.2% in last week of 2015-the best performer in last week but it is indeed the worst performer for year 2015--lost 14.3%, closed at 2882.73.

Shanghai(SSE) lost the most in last week 2015 with 2.4% but it is indeed the best performer for the year 2015--gained 9.4%, closed at 3539.18.

US markets, Nasdaq gained 5.7% in 2015, whereas Dow and SPX lost 2.2% and 0.7% respectively.

 Indices performance rank for 2015.
STI closed a goji on its weekly candle. Very quiet, chart looks weak, index trading at "bottom", but no sign of bullish momentum yet.
DJI and SPX weekly charts look bearish-- potential more downside in coming week.

 HSI looks weak too on its weekly chart. At bottom but no signs of bullish reversal yet. STI looks following HSI quite closely nowadays.
Shanghai SSE index has been trading in range of 3680-3400 for eight weeks already. A break above 3680 could signal a fresh move to further upside.

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