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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Index Weekly Wrap for the Week of Dec 29, 2017 Year-End Wrap

It's the last week for the year 2017, we are coming to the end of this year. Looking back, Hang Seng Index(HSI) is the most outperformed index with stunning 36% gain, and Shanghai Index(SSE) on the contrast, is the least performer with only 6.6% up.

Below are the ranking of the performance of the major indexes for year 2017, with their gains:
1. Hang Seng Index        +36%;
2. Nasdaq                        +28.2%;
3. Dow Jones Index        +25.1%;
4. S&P 500 Index    +19.4%;
5. Straits Times Index     +18.1%;
6. Shanghai Index           +6.6%

Some of the most outperformed stocks in HK are Geely Auto( 0175.HK), gained 260%, "King of the Stock" Tencent(0700.HK) up by 120%, even the long time value stock HSBC(0005.HK) also had 28.5% gain this year.

This year, two most popular sector are undoubtedly the Technology and Semiconductor sectors. The
Singapore listed 3 largest Semiconductor companies ranked by percentage gain for the year 2017:
 AEM(+485%), Micro-Mechanics(+144%), UMS(+109%);

And Singapore listed 3 largest Technology companies ranked by percentage gain for the year 2017:
Hi-P(+267%), Venture(107%), Valuetronic(92%).

Below table listed top four companies each for the technology and semicon sectors and their performance.
Data source: SGX StockFacts

Much have said in the market that technologies will continue dominate new year 2018 investment theme. And the Internet of Things(IoT) will getting hotter in the years to come, after this year's bitcoin surprising eye-catching development.

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